Dacica guesthouse and camping benefit from a professionally equipped kitchen and the services of skilled cooks.
Since we are in a remote area, where our guests are our sole consumers, we cannot offer à la carte menus. However, the daily menu will be suggested a day before serving. The menu will be the same for everyone, except for vegetarians, vegans, and guests with other dietary restrictions, for whom we will provide adequate meals. We strive to offer you as many organic products as possible, either from our garden and greenhouse, or from the local farmers. One can enjoy the meal in the dining room, and in the summer also on the terraces.

For breakfast we serve a diversified buffet: home-made salami from our own production and from a local butchery, cheese directly from the barn, freshly milked milk, eggs (boiled, scrambled or poached), fried sausages, butter , olives, vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, radishes, green onions), eggplant salad or hummus, home-made jams and syrups (about 20 kinds), orange juice, fresh fruit, cornflakes, muesli, mix of dried fruits and nuts + peanuts, oat and walnut biscuits, various types of bread, crackers, plain and fruit yoghurts, honey, coffee, teas of all kinds, hot chocolate, spring water, mineral water.
For lunch and dinner, we prepare tasty dishes from the traditional Romanian cuisine, cooked on the same day on which they are served. For each meal, we offer free homemade apple brandy. Other beverages (home-made brandy, beer, wine, mead, cider, soft drinks) can be purchased separately.
On certain events, but also on request, for groups, we organize sessions of ancient gastronomy, in which we cook dishes with Dacians ingredients and preparation techniques, but we also explore ancient Roman or Greek gastronomy.


BREAKFAST (buffet) 35 lei / person
SOUP (all you can eat) + sour cream + hot pepper + bread 20 lei / portion
MAIN COURSE + pickles / salad + bread 40 lei / portion
DESSERT 10 lei / portion

Free meals for children under 10 (one child per family). For families with two children under 10, both children pay together 50% of the meals cost.
Children between 10-14 years old get 50% discount on meals cost.
Children over 14 years old pay full price.

Discounts and freebies apply for families with children. For groups of children, standard rates apply, or in the case of special requirements, a personalized rate is negotiated.