Hunedoara County is probably one of the most attractive tourist regions in Romania, with a plethora of historical vestiges ranging from ancient sites to medieval fortresses, Gothic and Renaissance castles, mansions, and palaces. The Dacian fortresses in the Orăștiei Mountains, a testament to the height of Dacian civilization, are unique monuments inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The stone churches in the Hateg region, many of them built on the sites of ancient Dacian or Roman temples and rebuilt by Transylvanian nobles, are an original blend of grandeur and peasant humility. The natural setting of these monuments is fabulous: hills covered with dense forests, wild rocks that dominate the surroundings, rivers that wind through clearings or cascade down dizzying heights.
Dacica Guesthouse is located in the midst of this vast natural and historical heritage, with some attractions just a few steps away. All the destinations presented on this page are within an hour's drive from the guesthouse and can be grouped into routes that can be covered over the course of a day. The guesthouse staff is always available to provide information and suggestions for a culturally and spiritually enriching vacation.

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