The guesthouse and the camping offer free parking.
At the moment, we only have coverage on the Orange mobile phone network, but we have satellite internet and free wi-fi network all over the place.
The rooms are not equipped with TVs, but there is a large screen smart TV in the dining room and another one in the lounge. Digi and Orange networks can be watched, and we have a Netflix subscription.
Our guests are encouraged to borrow books from the Dacica Foundation library, with over 4000 volumes from all fields.
Access ramps connect the chalet, yard, terrace, and dining room allowing the use of wheelchairs, and one of the guesthouse's rooms has special facilities for this category of guests.

Library and conference hall

The library of the Dacica Foundation Study Center includes over 4,000 volumes of scientific, art and fiction literature and is endowed with a video projector, flipchart, and satellite internet connection. It can be used as a conference room with about 30 seats, activity room, music audition room (there is a CD player and a turntable), and lounge for social games or cinema hall. And during the holidays it can even be turned into a dance hall!
The books can be borrowed free of charge by the guests of the guesthouse, during their stay, or they can be consulted in the reading room.

TV and reading lounge

Here you will find bookshelves of fiction litterature, large and comfortable sofas to sink into, a large screen smart-TV connected to 2 cable networks and Netflix, a DVD collection of all kinds of movies, CDs with music and lots of board-games. The lounge has a wood-burning fireplace above which you can admire a panoply of Dacian weapon replicas.

The attic

Two or three times a year we gather in the attic to participate in jazz, blues, or folk recitals. In recent years, first-rate artists and bands have passed through here: Maria Răducanu, Alina Manole, Vali Răcilă, Emeric Imre, Hanno Hoefer or bands like Soul Serenade and Fără Zahar, to name just a few. Check out the Events section to find out who’s next and see how previous events have been.

The terrace with vines

Under the pergola holding a 100-year-old vine, you can enjoy the cooling shade during hot summer days, while having lunch or just relaxing. Every year, from the grapes of the old vine, we make a clean, ruby wine, which we enjoy from Christmas to Easter.

The green terrace with summer kitchen

A terrace with a green roof, with wooden pavers and its legs and beams covered with green plants and flowers, next to a summer kitchen with barbecue, stove and wood-burning oven, a gas hob, sink and fridge-freezer, is the ideal place of refuge on hot summer days. We wanted to return to nature the area occupied by the terrace, so its roof is a meadow with grass and colorful flowers that are enjoyed by hundreds of butterflies and bumblebees, as well as the guesthouse’s cats.

The outdoor hammocks lounge

Our cats will be happy to keep you company if you want to laze with a book in one of the hammocks under the small vine pergola in the back yard. At night, you can count billions of stars from here.

Sport activities

The trampoline is the joy of children, but also of parents, who can relax and enjoy their time knowing they the kids are busy and safe. Summer days in the mountains can be hot, so the pool is very popular with the little ones.
Volley and footballs, badminton rackets, bows, and arrows, darts and other games can be borrowed free of charge from the reception. In the eastern area of the yard there is a volleyball net and 2 football goals.
We also have mountain bikes that can be rented by the hour or by the day.


Archaeologists from the year 4000 who will discover a large fie pit with a thick layer of ashes in our yard will probably wonder to which deity sacrifices were made in the distant days of rudimentary 5G technology and what incantations would have been uttered around the fire.


Some children have never seen a sheep or a donkey up close. We have a small herd happily frolicking in the meadow, 2 donkeys, 3 friendly dogs and a lot of cuddly cats. Plus, a coop with chickens and ducks where you can collect fresh eggs in the morning.
The dogs are eager to accompany you on your hikes, and if you’re lucky and the cats are in a good mood, they might even show you the way to the fortress.

The greenhouse and and the vegetable garden

We strive to offer our guests as much fresh produce as possible, so many of the vegetables we serve at breakfast or cook with during the summer come from greenhouse or the garden around it.
Those who wish can go and pick a tomato (maybe crooked and stained, but tasty and fragrant), or a fat and fleshy pepper from the guesthouse’s greenhouse  with their own hands.

The boutique

At the reception, you will find a small boutique/bookshop managed by cats, where you can buy the books from Dacica Publishing House, reproductions of old maps of Dacia, miniature copies of the bust of the Dacian nobleman from the Vatican Museum, replicas of Dacian jewelry or pieces of Dacian pottery, Dacian mead and other souvenirs. If you enjoyed the several dozen types of jam that you could taste at breakfast, you can take supplies home.