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About us

The website www.pensiunea.dacica.ro is managed by Pensiunea Dacica s.r.l., hereinafter referred to as the DACICA GUESTHOUSE, with its headquarters in Boșorod, 1 Alun village, Hunedoara county, Romania, registered with the Trade Register under no. J20/782/2013, VAT no. RO32147434..

The website www.pensiunea.dacica.ro does not assume any guarantee, obligation or responsibility towards end-users or third parties, except for the obligations provided by the applicable law. DACICA GUESTHOUSE fully and unilaterally reserves the right to add, delete, modify, use all materials, data, and information contained at any time on the website www.pensiunea.dacica.ro, including those added by end-users or associated with their behavior, while respecting the current legal provisions and national and European legislation regarding the protection of personal data.

By accessing the website, users undertake not to cause any damage to DACICA GUESTHOUSE or to any natural or legal person. When creating or updating a registered user account, the end-user agrees to enter and maintain their complete and correct identification data. A user is any person who accesses any page or resource within the website www.pensiunea.dacica.ro, whether or not they are registered as a user on the site.

These terms and conditions of use apply indefinitely, from the first access of the website www.pensiunea.dacica.ro. They may be modified by DACICA GUESTHOUSE at any time, and it is recommended that all users check the current version with each access.

Acești termeni și conditii de folosire se aplică pe termen nelimitat, de la prima accesare a site-ului www.pensiunea.dacica.ro. Ei pot fi modificați de PENSIUNEA DACICA în orice moment, fiind recomandat ca toți utilizatorii să verifice la fiecare accesare versiunea curentă.


The content of the website www.pensiunea.dacica.ro – including images, texts, web graphic elements, scripts, software – is the exclusive property of DACICA GUESTHOUSE and is protected by the Law for the protection of copyright and laws regarding intellectual and industrial property. Using any of the aforementioned elements without the consent of DACICA GUESTHOUSE is punishable according to the current legislation. The details regarding the products, projects, events, and services offered by DACICA GUESTHOUSE on the website are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to unannounced modifications.
Additionally, images, video clips, and other media resources are always presented as examples.

Access limits to the site

We guarantee users limited access, for personal use and informational purposes only, to this site. Neither registered users nor any other individuals who do not have contractual relationships with us have the right to download or modify the site, reproduce it partially or in full, copy it, or exploit it in any other manner, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of DACICA GUESTHOUSE. Visitors may access the site without leaving their personal data.

To improve the functioning of the site, www.pensiunea.dacica.ro uses cookies. To learn more about our cookie policy, you can access our dedicated page here. Access to the site by users is conditional upon compliance with these terms and conditions.

Limitations of liability

The use of any registered trademark on www.pensiunea.dacica.ro does not constitute an advertisement for the respective company. DACICA GUESTHOUSE does not assume responsibility and cannot be held liable for damages arising from the use of the information displayed on the website. Users expressly agree that the use of this site is at their own risk.

The information included on www.pensiunea.dacica.ro is provided to you in good faith from sources that we consider reliable. If any of the published articles or any other information falls under the copyright law, please notify us at contact@dacica.ro so that we can take the necessary legal measures.

The opinions expressed in the materials that appear on the site and the reviews on www.pensiunea.dacica.ro are solely the responsibility of the authors of those materials and do not imply joint responsibility of DACICA GUESTHOUSE.

The information may be reproduced solely for personal use. For information or data considered of general interest that may appear in the press, DACICA GUESTHOUSE must give written consent for publication.

Personal data protection

DACICA GUESTHOUSE ensures the protection of your personal data collected on the website www.pensiunea.dacica.ro and is committed to using them exclusively for the benefit of the users. DACICA GUESTHOUSE has implemented the necessary protection measures in accordance with the European Regulation on the protection of personal data.

The personal data collected is used by DACICA GUESTHOUSE for the following purposes:

–   To ensure that the website www.pensiunea.dacica.ro operates correctly;
–   For marketing purposes, to offer services, products, and offers that may be of interest to you;
–   To process and confirm reservations made through the online booking form.

The information from the newsletter registration form will be used to send you booking confirmations, useful information in relation to your booking, promotions, periodic newsletters, personalized recommendations, etc.

DACICA GUESTHOUSE will not disclose, transfer or sell any information related to the personal data of its customers.

In accordance with Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, as amended and supplemented, and Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, DACICA GUESTHOUSE has the obligation to administer, safely and only for the specified purposes, the personal data provided by customers, a family member or another person.

DACICA GUESTHOUSE does not collect personal data without prior consent from users. In accordance with Law no. 677/2001, users have the right to object to the processing of personal data, the right to request access to all data collected by DACICA GUESTHOUSE, the right to correct collected data, or to request that DACICA GUESTHOUSE delete all stored data. Additionally, users can request data portability and file a complaint with the data protection authority. Furthermore, users have the right not to be subject to an individual decision and the right to seek legal recourse. Data will not be transferred to other states.

To register a request or complaint regarding the protection, collection, storage and use of personal data, users can contact the responsible person for personal data protection at DACICA GUESTHOUSE by sending an email to protectiadatelor@dacica.ro.

Communication on www.fundatia.dacica.ro

Individuals registered on www.pensiunea.dacica.ro can provide reviews by completing a special form and can send suggestions, questions, or other information, as long as their language is civilized and the content of their communications is not illegal, obscene, racist, provocative, threatening, defamatory, does not disturb the privacy of others, does not violate intellectual property rights, does not contain viruses, does not serve promotion campaigns unrelated to DACICA GUESTHOUSE, is not mass emails or any other form of spam. Individuals who use a false email address or send electronic messages or any other communication on behalf of another natural or legal person or on behalf of any other entity will be sanctioned in accordance with the current criminal legislation. DACICA GUESTHOUSE does not assume responsibility and cannot be obliged to any compensation for any damages caused by such comments or communications. In the case of sending or displaying materials/documents, it is considered that the user grants DACICA GUESTHOUSE the non-exclusive, unlimited, free, irrevocable, and retransmittable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, as well as the right to distribute and present this content anywhere in the world, by any means. The user guarantees that they have all the rights to the content they display or transmit on the site, in any way, so that, by using this content, they do not cause harm to any third-party natural or legal entity. DACICA GUESTHOUSE reserves the right to withdraw any comments or communications deemed inadequate and non-compliant with the above conditions from www.pensiunea.dacica.ro without prior notice to the user.

Final provisions

If any of the clauses above are found to be null or invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses.

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