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Despre noi





On the realm of the Dacians, miracles bear simple names. In the daytime, the old strongholds doze shaded by beeches and at night, the “Iele”, malefic fairies of the woods and waters, entangle the tops of birches, whispering age-old spells. Here, on this blessed spot, where two brooks embrace the walls of a fortress, was born Dacica Guest House. One day spent in our guest house, at the foot of the Dacian stronghold means to get in touch with history. Starry nights, though, are meant for fairy tales. Conceived as an extension of Foundation Dacica, Dacica Guest House aims at developing cultural tourism in the area, and works to promote the cultural, historic and ethnographic patrimony in the zone of the Dacian fortresses, with the help of a team of experts in history and archeology, who develop programs dedicated to tourists.Located within the perimeter of the Natural Park Grădiștea Muncelului – Cioclovina, close to the Dacian stronghold Piatra Roșie (a UNESCO monument) and in the vicinity of the other fortresses and Dacian dwellings in the Orăștiei mountains (Sarmisegetuza Regia, Costești-Cetățuie, Costeși-Blidaru, Fețele Albe), Dacica Guest House is the ideal place for an active, educational and restful holiday.The history fan tourist will enrich his stay amidst nature by participating in our periodical events:

  • mini-conferences and presentations on historical themes, followed by queries and debates delivered by experts, members or volunteers of Foundation Dacica,in our conference hall;
  • projections of documentaries on historical themes;
  • practical activities of experimental archeology, particularly for children and youngsters.

Our chefs will cook traditional menus, and special gastronomic sessions will be held periodically, offering foods cooked according to ancient recipes. You will enjoy these so much more after a hiking trip to the natural objectives nearby and, after the meal, you can pick a book from our library and you can relax in a hammock cuddling one of the Foundation’s guarding cats.NOTES:

  • The last 7 km of the road to the guesthouse are not paved, but the road is easily accessible for  any type of vehicle.
  • The rooms do not have TVs, but there is a special lounge for watching TV programs and there is also a TV set in the dining room.
  • Currently we are covered only by Orange GSM network. The guesthouse is equipped with satellite internet and free wi-fi all over the place.
  • Pets are welcome, no extra charge.


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