The volcanoes of Hațeg county

The volcano trail is a theme tourist track within the Dinosaur Geopark, of Hațeg county, Hunedoara County. The trail starts from the center of commune Densuș, outside the village Hall, continues for 3 km, and then splits in two secondary trails: one going North, across the Densuș river, and another one, going on along the main road to the village of Strei. If one follows the first trail, one can see the contact between the volcanoes and the bottom of the sea. 70 million years ago, there was a tropical island here, surrounded by the water of the Thetis Sea and populated by dwarf dinosaurs. The posters placed along the trail offer more information about the volcanic rocks, their shaping into forms of relief or how the development of vegetation was influenced. In about 30 minutes a panoramic viewpoint is reached; from here, one can see all the villages on the valley and a panorama of the Hațeg county. The path crosses a beech forest where various birds can be watched: woodchucks, gold finches, chaffinches, robins, jays, magpies or stock doves, while on the plateau one can see ravens, falcons or eagles. The second trail continues along the main road towards the village of Ștei, and offers a few points of geological observation, with objectives like „the boiling stones” or “fake” volcanic bombs. The volcanic bombs are fragments of lava detached from the volcanic cone and blown into the air by the explosion. The large dimensions of the volcanic bombs prove that the center of the volcanic explosion was nearby, some 20 km away, but the location of the centre has not been found yet.