The tower of Răchitova

The tower on the volcanic Răchitova hill lies in the Southern part of the village. At first, just a stone tower dwelling was built at Răchitova. In time, although other fortresses of the Haţeg County were reinforced with enclosure walls, the aristocratic family of Răchitova, financially weakened by inner struggles, could not afford it. This is why this tower dwelling was surrounded by a ditch and an earth wall with a palisade. What is still preserved nowadays is part of the tower walls, 15 m high. One can even notice the traces of the ditch and of the earth wall. In the basement of the tower there was a shelter, built alongside the tower, which probably was meant to hide the people from the danger of the Turkish threat. From the sightseeing point of view, one can admire the surroundings and the ruins of the mediaeval fortress.