The Rotunda of Geoagiu

It is the oldest cult edifice preserved on the national territory, being from many points of view unique within the religious mediaeval architecture in Romania. The Roman chapel of Geoagiu was build of stone in the 13th century. According to the legend, the chapel was erected by the crusaders on their return from Jerusalem and it might have belonged to the nobles of the Akos family of Geoagiu. This is an extremely rare type of chapel: circular, with a dome, with thick, irregular walls, it being the only round chapel on the Romanian territory. Inside, the circular nave of the church has a diameter of 5.5 meters. A 2 m long, semi-circular apse is added to this. The Round Church was built out of Roman bricks, with thick walls, the gravel being used in small quantities. At present, it is the reformed church of the Magyar population. The church was introduced into the tourist circuits only in 2012 by means of a project funded by the EU and it can be visited alongside with another mediaeval church located in the yard of the Reformed Church Parish of Geoagiu.