The Red Bastion

The Red Bastion, nowadays a museum, is located in Ilia, Hunedoara County. As early as the year 1468, historical documents mention the appearance of a castellum – a small, square of rectangular self contained fortification, similar to the towers of the Roman military camps. After the Turks occupied in 1552 the fortress of Lipova, Ilia became a border fortress. In order to meet the requirements of this new function, the fortress was reinforced with a bastion-based defense ring. This much smaller and less exposed bastion was meant from the very beginning to be inhabited and it was adorned not only with carved stone frameworks, but also with an exterior painting. The Red Bastion is a one of a kind piece of Hungarian architecture in Transylvania. Here was born, in 1580, the future prince of Transylvania, Gabriel Bethlen. Solid and imposing, with its over half a meter thick walls, The Red Bastion rises in the middle of a splendid park. The building was altered in the 19th century, due to a romantic-style extension. At present, the Red Bastion has been refurbished and it hosts an exhibition in the memory of prince Gabriel Bethlen, being the property of St. Francisc Foundation of Deva, and it is looked after by the students of high school „Teglas Gabor” of Deva.