The Museum of Ethnography and Popular Art Orăștie

It is located atno. 1Aurel Vlaicu Square, and it was founded in 1952 as a history museum of Orăștie Borough. In 1973 it became a Museum of Popular Art, and since 1990 it is a department of the Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization Deva. The museum exhibits representative aspects of rural life in Hunedoara county, mostly those in the area of Orăştie. The basic exhibition is thematically organized in 6 halls, covering the main occupations (agriculture, herding), secondary occupations (picking from nature, hunting, fishing, bee keeping, wood processing, weaving, hide processing), archeological and numismatic collections, as well as aspects related to the popular costumes, traditions and customs, religion and spiritual life. The museum hosts the most important ethnographic collection of Hunedoara County.