Kendeffy Castle, Sântămărie Orlea

The castle was built in 1702 in a Baroque style, and it belonged to the Kendeffy family. The building has an almost rectangular shape and it consists of three units, drawing attention particularly by its monumental tower. The castle has a predominantly Neo-Gothic aspect, due to the following architectural elements: the tower, the crenellated banister, phials, the acute angled bow window, the small balcony, but also due to the asymmetrical structure. As fashionable in the 19th century, Árpád Kendeffy wanted to have an English park around the castle, aware of the fact that the park and the castle make an organic unity. In front of the castle was placed a terrace with Gothic-like flowerbeds, decorated with large vessels. Kendeffy castle, with its diverse volumetry, reminds us the aspect of mediaeval French cities. The castle is private property.