The dinosaur Geopark

The dinosaur Geopark is a natural park including the entire Hațeg county, which protects and turns into account the nature and culture of this space. The Geopark has been declared a protected area of national interest in 2004. Since 2005, it has been accepted in the European Geopark Network and in the Global Network (under UNESCO aegis). Since 2007 it includes a surface of 2.3940 ha, protected under the name of „The Strei-Hațeg Site”, as NATURA 2000 site, in view of preserving the natural habitats and the species of plants and wild animals of community interest. The Geopark includes elements of particular geological interest, alongside ecological, archeological, historical and cultural interest.The factor that personalizes this territory is represented by the sites with remnants of dinosaurs dating back to the Superior Cretaceous. The dwarf dinosaurs of the Hațeg Depression are unique in the world, their scientific importance and attractiveness being enhanced by the discovery of egg nests and dinosaur embryos, as well as other mammals that were contemporary with the dinosaurs like a flying reptile (Hatzegopteryx), belonging to the  pterosaurs group.