The Church of Densuș

The church of Densuș, lies 10 km from Hațeg, and it is one of the most important tourist objectives in the region. The origin and date of construction are subject to controversy. According to some opinions, it was at first a Roman temple dedicated to God Mars, further tuned into a church, in the 12th – 13th centuries. Other opinions claim that, in Antiquity, it was a mausoleum dedicated to Roman general Longinus Maximus, whose wife discovered the Christian religion and organized the mausoleum into a church, the first of its kind North of the Danube. The church has a very unusual aspect, being a mixture of styles and materials. Some windows are, in fact, Roman sewage fittings, the walls of the church are supported by columns, the altar is the cover of a sarcophagus, the lions on the roof were Roman statues and the massif stones used for the walls show antique carvings, some of them even bearing antique inscriptions. Inside, another unique element is to be found: in the icon of the Holy Trinity, Christ is dressed up in Romanian popular costume.