The bison reserve

The bison reserve from Hațeg is located in Slivuţ forest, not far from the town of Hațeg, Hunedoara County, and it is one of the few places of Europe where the bison (bison bonasus) lives. This species that used to be dominant in the deciduous forests of mediaeval Europe is almost extinct nowadays. Slivuț forest has an area of almost 40 ha and it represents a natural ecosystem with various kinds of xerothermic oak tree forests of hornbeams, and fir trees, remnants of large areas of former oak forests, which were later deforested. The first bison in the reserve from Hațeg were Podarec and Polonka, brought in 1958 from Poland. At present, there are 8 bison in the reserve. Within the reserve could be seen other representatives of Carpathian wild life, Carpathian deer, fallow deer, chamois, bear, wild boar, deer, pheasants but, later on, they were taken to different zoo gardens from the County or the country or set free, as the bison reserve was not authorized to function as a zoo garden and no other animals besides bison could be kept here.