Băniței Gorges.

They are on the road between Petroșani and Simeria (DN 66), about 8 km North of Petroșani on the passage Bănița-Merișor-Baru, in the area where the Petroșani depression meets the Hațeg depression that lies in the North. Băniței Gorges are cut across the Mesozoic limestone rocks by the Jupâneasa brook. The easiest way to admire them is from the water. The gorges are rather short (250-300 metri), but they are extremely spectacular, their most beautiful part being at the entrance. Băniței brook dug a narrow passage, winding at places between the high, white limestone walls. Actually we are facing a former cave whose ceiling collapsed. In the riverbed and in the lower area, the limestone walls are nicely carved and rounded by the water which, at places, has dug extremely spectacular potholes. On the 200 m high hill overlooking the gorges there is the Dacian fortress of  Bănița that was part of the Dacian defense system in the Șureanu Mountains, guarding Sarmizegetusa Regia.