Aurel Vlaicu Memorial House

 Aurel Vlaicu (1882 – 1913) was a Romanian engineer, inventor and pioneer of Romanian and world aviation. The "Aurel Vlaicu" Complex Memorial includes the Memorial House, inaugurated in 1952, The Memorial Museum, located in a new building, raised in 1982, and the bust-monument between the two buildings, inaugurated in 1933. The memorial house, in which Aurel Vlaicu and his family lived, preserves most of the initial aspect. In the yard, the shed and the barn are still kept and inside the house there are various objects that belonged to the family, a gramophone, a tape recorder, telephone membranes, the boiler built by Vlaicu, project blueprints of personal inventions. The memorial hosts a collection of objects related to Aurel Vlaicu’s activity as an aviator and inventor: models of the flying machines he built, installations and tools he used, the helmet and costume he wore on his last flight, pieces of the plane that crashed on 13th September 1013 near Câmpina.